Site trips, vacations, and various other shots from not around home.


2 1/2 week camping/driving trip down through Yellowstone National Park, stopping at the Hover Dam and Grand Canyon and ending in Las Vegas.

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Boston - June 2006

During my site trip to Abbot Bioresearch, I got the chance to stop into Boston itself. The Independence Fort presented several photographic opportunities.

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Deerfiled Beach, Florida - May 2007

The annual OPC Interoperability conference. While I was stuck in a stuffy meeting room all day, Angie and Kait went shopping and caught some sun. It wasn't all work, we did head down early and leave well after, so I did get a chance to relax a fair bit.

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Rock Lake - July 2006

A suprising find north-west of Hinton. Fish Lake had a fire warning so we were forced to find an alternative. Due to the forest fires, very few people were camping and we had the entire walk-in campsite to ourselves for most of the week.

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Houston Tx - November 2005

Although I have made many trips to Houston, I only took my camera once. Angie flew down (on the company dime) and spent the long weekend with me on this particular trip.

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